Private piano lessons in beautiful Burbank, California



Yoly is an inspirational teacher. I started piano lessons a bit late in life (at 56) and she has been wonderful. She challenges me while always being kind and understanding. I found Yoly on the web and feel so lucky to have her as my teacher. I look forward to my lessons each week and I am continually improving. Yoly is wonderful and I highly recommend her.
– Janet Nielsen
Solana Beach, Calif.

Yoly’s piano instruction has been very inspiring to me. My confidence has grown under her guidance. What impresses me most about Yoly as a piano instructor is her ability to teach piano effortlessly, regardless of the skill level of the student. She quickly discerns what you need as a piano player, and shows you the way to get there. Her style of teaching piano is very much like teaching a language; I feel she has enabled me to speak the language of the piano, something I never thought I could do. She taught me to consider the piano as an extension of my personality, and to truly appreciate the instrument that I play.
–Eleni M.

Michael has been taking lessons from Yoly for 5 years. Yoly is a wonderful teacher and he continues to make great progress. Yoly has a nice, relaxed style that is well suited to Michael. She focuses on learning piano first and foremost for its enjoyment and this gives Michael an ability to unfold musically and learn at his own pace. At the same time, he is learning all the right fundamentals and can do well in a certification program, but only if it is his choice. In an age and living in a neighborhood where the kids are already stressed in academics and sports, it’s a way for him to expand his horizons and learn to appreciate the arts. As long as he puts in your recommended practice time, he gets better and better. I hope he will look back as an adult and appreciate what he got from these session with you.
– Dana Mcgowan ~ Del Mar, Ca.

Our daughter, Caroline, began taking piano instruction from Yoly almost one year ago. In the beginning, Caroline was frustrated and considered quitting piano every week. Yoly did a great job to motivate her and ease her performance anxiety. Caroline enjoys piano very much now and is progressing quite well without needing to be reminded to practice. Yoly is a patient and knowledgeable teacher who keeps the pace and interest up for a successful and rewarding piano experience for our daughter.
– Melony Huber

My 11 year old daughter and 6 year old son have been taking piano lessons from Miss Yoly for almost two years. Not only is Miss Yoly a wonderful teacher who is very professional and experienced in teaching piano, she is gifted in her understanding of the whole child and able engaging her young students in her lessons. My children love Miss Yoly for she has become a beautiful and trusting friend who cares, mentors and inspires them. I have learned a great deal from her about my daughter. My husband and I are truly grateful for her. We would be happy to talk to anyone looking for a piano teacher.
– Tina Tong (Del Mar)

Yoly is an inspiring and enthusiastic teacher who makes music classes enjoyable and fun. Her lessons are high quality with all aspects of music covered. Our daughter looks forward to each lesson with Yoly.
– Jelena Damnjanovic (Del Mar)

Yoly is a very gifted teacher who very clearly loves what she does. I am an adult beginner and Yoly has made the experience of learning to play piano, one of joy, excitement and growth beyond playing the piano. I love her gentle, nurturing encouragement and innate talent to match you where you are. This experience has greatly enriched my life.
– Hannah K (Del Mar)

Yoly is magnificent as a teacher for our son. She is motivating and patient. Ted has continued to develop his skills and enjoys playing. Our whole neighborhood is in on the secret of her special gift of teaching not only how to play, but to love piano.
– Ginny Merrifield (Del Mar)

Yoly has really made learning to play the piano part of our son’s fun. He still needs to be reminded to practice, but he enjoys it enough so it’s not a chore. As a result he practices regularly, and has progressed enough to understand how much fun it is to play music. Yoly is so great she even taught our cat to play the piano.
– Steve Harris (Rancho Sante Fe)

I had always felt that I needed to learn an instrument. Piano had seemed right for me for a long time. I loved (and still love) songwriting, But I needed to learn how to write music down and play it.

Hi, By the way! My name is Sammie. I have been taking Yoly’s classes for over a year now. We have so much fun every Thursday, and I still manage to learn a lot. I remember my first day of Piano so well.  I sit down at the piano, staring curiously at the black and white keys. They looked neat, almost too neat. They looked, at first glance, like something that was not too much fun. I started to realize how false my first impression was, as I got to know Yoly, a spunky and down-to-earth piano teacher.

Now, I look back at the songs that I played that say and laugh, thinking how easy they are now-or maybe just how far I have come.  I managed to stumble through those songs put in front of me that first day (with LOTS of help from Yoly) and I left that day feeling really happy, and honestly thinking how lucky I was to be learning piano.

I hope that you or your child can feel the same way as I did then.
Yours Truly,
Sammie: Age 11 then, 12 now.
-Sammie David Sprinkle Lurie*
*7th Grader at Carmel Valley Middle School*