Private piano lessons in beautiful Burbank, California


Policy & Agreement

Lessons with Yoly Music are offered throughout the academic year for private piano instruction. At the beginning of the year, the schedule is designed to be mutually convenient and reserves a spot to be held at the same time and day on a weekly basis.

Recognition of certain holidays will be made and lessons will not be offered on or billed for the following dates:

  • Christmas Holiday – Dec 22nd through Jan 2nd
  • Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Independence Day July – 4th
  • Good Friday and Easter Weekend

If you are planning a vacation of an extended period we ask that you try to offer ONE MONTHS NOTICE so that we may utilize your absent time efficiently.

Late payments will incur an additional charge of $10.

Returned checks will incur an additional charge of $15

Non payment will terminate the obligation of the instructor to retain the reserved slot for the lesson.

Absences and Vacation Time

Yoly Music recognizes that life is unpredictable and legitimate absences due to illness, emergencies and vacations are inevitable. In order to accommodate both the student and the instructor in a way that supports growth, dedication and the awareness of the uncertainties in life, the following system reflects our cancellation policy.

  • Cancellations within 72 hours of a lesson will accrue 50% of the lesson charge.
  • Cancellations on and of the same day will accrue 100% of the lesson charge.
  • Emergencies and sudden illness will be considered for make up or credit only if notice is received before 9am by telephone on the scheduled lesson day. No refunds will be given at any time.
  • If for any reason the instructor needs to cancel the lesson at any time, either a make up lesson or credit will automatically be given.

Lesson Book Fees

All lesson books will be supplied by Yoly Music and will be independently determined upon the needs, level and skill of each individual student. Lesson book fees will be applied to monthly invoices.

Preparation, Tardiness and Environment

The student and/or parent are aware that in order to progress, private lessons must run on schedule and practice become routine. Parents! Please be aware that most young beginners do not have the perspective or the experience to fully appreciate consistency. Please try to nurture a space and time for your children to establish a routine practice plan. For them, over time, this will make sitting down to practice at the piano, a more natural experience.

Lessons are structured to fit each individual student. It is expected that the student be prepared and the piano ready for immediate participation in the lesson. The lesson time is to be free of all other distractions. As to not take away from instructional time, please note that if either the student or parent requires additional time for discussion or set up, it must be considered part of the allotted lesson time and fee.

Termination of Lessons

The student may request to be released from this agreement for private instruction with Yoly Music at any time, but must provide a minimum of two weeks notice. In the event that notice is not given and the student is absent for a two-week period, two lessons will be charged. Yoly Music reserves the right to terminate a student’s participation for reasons including, but not limited to poor behavior, use of inappropriate language, or disrespect.

Thank you for you support and commitment!

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