Private piano lessons in beautiful Burbank, California


1. At what age can a child start taking piano lessons?

Children age 4 and above can benefit from the study of music, in particular piano lessons. With occasional exceptions, not until that age are most children using the language skills necessary to comprehend reading music.

2. I took piano lessons as a child. Is it too late to start again?

It is never too late to add music to your life! Childhood music experience often contributes to learning as an adult.

3. Do I need to own a piano to start taking lessons?

No, however consistent access to a piano or keyboard is necessary.

4. Is an electric keyboard OK to use for piano lessons?

Yes. Many keyboards made today are excellent for this purpose.

5. What should I look for when choosing an electric keyboard?

It is recommended the keyboard has the following features: 66 or more keys (a full keyboard is 88 keys) that are full size (width=7/8″) weighted and touch sensitive, sustain pedal and headphone jack and/or onboard amplifier and speaker.

6. How often are lessons scheduled?

Once weekly is adequate for most. However, some students find it beneficial to work with an instructor twice or more per week.

7. How long & often must I practice?

It is highly recommended to practice every day. You will benefit equal to the amount of effort applied to your
musical lessons. 30 to 45 minutes once or twice daily is suggested for adults while children under 12 should spend 20 minutes to a half hour daily practicing their lessons.

8. What is “playing by ear?”

When one plays the musical instrument from intuitive note choices rather than following a predetermined sequence of written notes, it is referred to as “playing by ear.” This can be a valuable skill in addition to reading music.

9. Why must I learn to “read” music?

Illiteracy will only impede your musical experience. Acquiring the skill of reading music will enable you to enjoy the vast libraries of music left through the ages. Written musical language is also the most effective tool for teaching.

10. Do you teach Jazz theory?

No, however I can refer you to an excellent teacher who does.